Partnerships & Collaboration

LukeWorks is adept at identifying and introducing potential partners and building relationships across systems/arenas of work. We can help initiate, shape, and evaluate projects and processes among groups of organizations, public & private partners, and among collaborators of all types.

Clients have included:

City MinneapolisCity of Minneapolis Promise Zone LukeWorks led the collaborative effort among City of Minneapolis, North Minneapolis neighborhood, and nonprofit organizational leaders to shape a successful proposal resulting in Minneapolis being designated as one of fifteen “Promise Zones” in the country. LukeWorks facilitated a process with two hundred participants and led the writing team that produced the successful proposal.

NEON FlameNorthside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON) LukeWorks facilitated the early discussions that led to the formation of this collaboration among five organizations to expand and improve entrepreneur training in North Minneapolis. Through its collaborative stage and even after the organization became an independent nonprofit, LukeWorks facilitated meetings among partners, raised over $1M in public and philanthropic support, and shaped the strategic direction for the organization.

Metropolitan Alliance of Connected Communities (MACC)GoodMACCLogo LukeWorks assisted this collaborative in its preliminary processes to identify and build joint employment preparation services for low-income residents in the Twin Cities. We helped in the formation and analysis of a multi-partner survey and conducted in-depth interviews with lead staff from MACC agencies. A report based on our findings guided MACC in pursuit of new resources and joint programming.